Art Failures written by Robin Epstein and Sarah Schulman
East Village Eye    – William Harris, "Epstein and Schulman managed to pack their smart script with relevant issues and sly observations about everything from gay politics and the gentrification of the Lower East Side, to Jewish guilt and the Wingo girl.", directed and produced by Robin Epstein, was a satirical comedy of two lesbian standup comics desperate to succeed in a world where only failure is possible . . .Art Failures
Art Failures was performed at The University of the Streets in December 1983 and April 1984.


Robin                      Robin Epstein
Sarah                      Sarah Schulman
Shirley                    Berna Don
Susanna                 Susan Seizer 
Stephanie              Stephanie Doba 

Taped Voices       Mark Russell, Marianne Willtorp,                                                          and Florence Epstein
Lighting Design                          Sarah Schulman
Lighting Technician                      Julie Scher
Sets, Props, and Painting                 Robin Epstein
Teepee Design and Construction        Marilyn Friedman
Choreography                            Susan Seizer and Robin Epstein

photos by John McCabe