Beyond Bedlam
written by Robin Epstein
Beyond Bedlam, directed by Robin Epstein, was a dark comedy about the disintegration of a women's theatre company . . . set in Bedlam, Pennsylvania.

"All during these Reagan years while we girls of Gay America were getting on with our lesbian lives, Robin Epstein has been carving out her own theater tradition on Manhattan's Lower East Side."
          – Susie Day, Gay Community News           ​

Beyond Bedlam was performed at The University of the Streets in April-May 1987.


Robin                        Robin Epstein
Gabrielle                  Holly Zox
Debbie                      Lynn Keeton
Rebecca                    Andrea Dorman
Susanne                   Yolanda Hawkins
Carol                        Emily Rubin
Stagehand               Mary Neufeld

God Monologue written and performed on tape by 
Deb Margolin

Stage Manager        Susan Sternau
Set Paintings            Robin Epstein
Slides by Dona Ann McAdams

photos by Dona Ann McAdams