Epstein on the Beach

written by Robin Epstein and Sarah Schulman
Epstein on the Beach was a satiric comedy of the twilight world of the downtown artist in the East Village . . . an unsettling farce about gentrification and ambition . . . dissolving into a satire of Meredith Monk's "Quarry" and Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" . . . set in Brighton Beach."One of the best-kept secrets in the East Village."     –WNYC

Epstein on the Beach was performed at The University of the Streets in November 1985 and at The Performing Garage in September 1986, as part of the More Fire! retrospective, in repertory with Junk Love.


Robin                                                             Robin Epstein
Jennifer Epstein, her identical twin       Jennifer Miller
Florence Epstein, their mother                Stephanie Doba
Irene                                                              Dorothy Cantwell
Frieda Katz                                                  Sarah Schulman
Natie Epstein and Producer                    Scott Steiner

Stage Manager                                           Susan Sternau

At The Performing Garage:
Lighting Design                                         Andrea Dorman
Technical Director                                    Paula Gordon
Master Electrician                                    Jonathan Edelman
Lighting Board Operator                        Julie Scher
Sets                                                               Robin Epstein
Godmother Ditty                                      Deb Margolin

photos by Dona Ann McAdams