Junk Love 
written and directed by 
Dorothy Cantwell and Robin Epstein
Junk Love, a show about hunger, is the zany comedy of two women driven to the edge of desperation by their search for a square meal of love.

The text of the show was written by Dorothy Cantwell and Robin Epstein in collaboration with the other actors, Stephanie Doba, Jerry Turner, Paul Walker, Marianne Willtorp, and Ellie Kovan. 

More Fire! Productions was a women's collective of theatre artists who conceived, wrote, and performed their own plays, developing the work improvisationally.

Junk Love was our most popular play. It was performed at the University of the Streets in November 1981, February 1982, April 1982, May 1985, at the Allentown Arts Center in July 1985, and at The Performing Garage in September 1986, as part of the More Fire! retrospective, in repertory with Epstein on the Beach. An excerpt from Junk Love was performed in October 1981 at the Women's One World Festival in New York City.


A Love Junkie                                                  Robin Epstein 
A Love Junkie                                                  Dorothy Cantwell 
Dorothy Parker, Group Leader
     of Loveaholics Anonymous,
     and A Love Object                                     Stephanie Doba 
Announcer, Boyfriends #1, 2, and 3          Jerry Turner 
A Love Object                                                          Paul Walker 
Sadista Von Cruel, A Love Object              Marianne Willtorp 

Lighting Design                                            Alice Forrester
Set Design                                                      Robin Epstein
Recorded Voice, Mom                                 Stephanie Skura

photos by Dona Ann McAdams and John McCabe