The Exorcism of Cheryl
conceived, written and performed by Robin Epstein, Dorothy Cantwell, and Marianne Willtorp, with Stephanie Doba
(chêr-yl)–a submissive & self-defeating voice that speaks from our inner recesses

The Exorcism of Cheryl"the longest running show on Avenue A," was performed at the University of the Streets in April-May 1981 and February 1982. It was also performed at the Boston Women's Theatre Festival on May 29, 1981, and at the Women's One World Festival in New York City in October 1981.


Dotti Ditwell, Dr. Deadheart             Dorothy Cantwell
Robin                                                       Robin 
Marianne                                               Marianne Wiltorp
Rachel, The Moderator                       Stephanie Doba                     
Lighting Designer, Technician         Alice Forrester
Set Design and Paintings                  Robin Epstein
Piano Music                                          Judy Lipshutz
Soundtrack                                           Robin Epstein