The Godmother

written, directed, and produced by Robin Epstein
The Godmother was a satire on women's politics and social behavior.

The play was developed collaboratively with Marianne Willtorp and Stephanie Doba.

Deb Margolin contributed a play-within-the-play ("Play #22") and the song "Power Mad." 

Sarah Schulman contributed political speeches.

The Godmother was performed at A Clear Space 
in Tribeca in April 1983.


Sheila the Godmother and Mother       Stephanie Skura 
Rachel                                                         Stephanie Doba 
Ruby                                                           Gail Herbert 
Freddie                                                       Betsy Faiella 
Flossie                                                        Marianne Willtorp  
The Little Nebbish, Elvis Imitator       Robin Epstein 
Leguma                                                      Susan Seizer 

Stage Manager                                         Sarah Schulman
Lighting Designer                                    Adrienne Weiss
Recorded Voice, Script Consultant      Barbara Baracks
Photography                                             Marianne Willtorp
Recorded Voice                                         Berna Don
Sets and Costumes                                   Robin Epstein

"Heartbreak Hotel" music by The Beer for Breakfast Band