Whining and Dining

written by Robin Epstein and Sarah Schulman
Whining and Dining, directed and produced by Robin Epstein, was a lesbian comedy retelling of the Job story. 

"There's no doing justice to the loopiness of an Epstein and Schulman plot. I can't think of any other playwrights who'd stage the trial of their heroine's immortal soul in Grossinger's Dining Room." 
          – Leslie Gevirtz, Gay Community News

Robin Epstein is "the lesbian equivalent of Woody Allen. And like Allen, the butt of her jokes are things and people she knows intimately: New York City, Jews and lesbians. . . . She pokes fun at the Borscht Belt, Brooklyn and the Brahmins of the arts-funding world."
          – Jolanta Benal, New York Native

Whining and Dining was performed at The University of the Streets in December 1984-January 1985.Cast

God                                            Jennifer Miller
The Devil                                  Susan Seizer
Robin                                        Robin Epstein
Stephanie                                 Stephanie Doba
Shirley and Hedda                Holly Hughes
Stuie and Dutch                     Jamie Zelermyer

Lighting Technician              Julie Scher
Sets and Props                       Robin Epstein
Choreography                        Susan Seizer
Performance of     
   "The Well of Hairiness"    Holly Hughes
photos by John McCabe